• Address:
    • Walaw Watta, 23/31, Kurunduwatta road, Hikkaduwa
    • 80240 Hikkaduwa. Sri Lanka
    • Phone Number:
    • +380936404280
    • +94773538603
    • E-mail Address:

We are Open 24 Hours a day

To reach us from the international airport of Colombo (Bandaranayake) can be by public transport.
After you come out of the airport, turn left and walk 100-150 meters to the bus stop. You need to catch the bus to Colombo Fort. Bus Air-conditioned and follows quickly on the highway. Get off at the last stop. Bus fare is 120 rupees (0.9 US dollars). The journey takes less than one hour.
The most convenient way to get from Colombo to our hotel by train.
Railway station, located 100 meters from the bus station. You can use the services of carriages 2nd class, cost 160 rupees (1.1 US dollars), or 3rd class cost 85 rupees (0.6 US dollars). We recommend to wait for the express train on the station and follow to Hikkaduwa. Travel time is 2 hours.
From Hikkaduwa railway station you can reach our hotel on foot within 5-7 minutes.