Swimming pool

Swimming pool activities are the best way of rest as well as maintaining of a physical body.

Water has a unique relaxing  power that withstand heavy exercises without harm to health. Aerobics is very popular among water treatments. Aerobic activities are useful for young well-build people and those who have problems with health, as well as the elderly and pregnant women. Experts believe that aerobic exercises strengthen a body, improve plasticity, burn extra calories.


The great advantage of our villa is availability of meal due to a kitchen located on the hotel area, which is a rarity in Sri Lankan hotels. This allows guests to cook healthy food depending on their taste

The kitchen equipped by gas stove and fridge let our gueststo enjoy a combination of taking meal either in the kitchen or around the swimming pool equipped with tables. All that creates a unique feeling of romance tropical greenery of the garden.

Sport and games

Aerobics classes are useful for young and sporty, the elderly, potential mothers, all who wish to regain harmony. Experts say aerobic exercises strengthen the body, improve flexibility, burn extra calories


Availability spa salon enables guests to relax in an atmosphere of luxury and tranquility.

Journey into world of wellness begins in the hall of steam and water treatment where guests are able to relax removing stress and muscular tension. Our villa has the most qualified doctors and specialists in all categories.